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    Three tips for the purchase of a Tool stocklot

    The purchase of tools often requires a higher investment from the consumer, especially for brand-name items. To market products, it is therefore essential to purchase the right goods and have them available at the right moment. Hahebo extends three important tips to ensure successful sale of your stocklots:


    tIP 1 - Choose brand-name items 

    Naturally, tools must be of sound quality, especially in terms of power tools. Consumers generally prefer brand-name items. Makita is currently the most popular brand among consumers. If you can get ahold of a discounted Makita stocklot, you’ll have made a sound investment; these lots are rare and in high demand. Do ensure that you are not dealing with imitation Makita products! Other popular brands include Gedore, Bosch, DeWALT, Hitachi, Metabo and Stanley.

    Purchasing generic products can also be interesting, given the lot is available for a highly competitive rate so that you can resell for true dump pricing. This is the only way to compete with Chinese web shops.

    tIP 2 - Focus on well-running product categories

    Tools fall into dozens of various product categories, some of which are highly popular. This includes power drills, percussion drills, circular saws, jigsaws, angled drills, angle grinders, disc grinders, crosscut saws, routers and edge routers, impact wrenches and tackers.


    A complete range of products from the same brand is naturally more appealing to your potential buyer. This increases your chance of selling tools from multiple product categories. You can also choose to carry multiple brands to provide the consumer with a wider selection. 

    tIP 3 - Ensure sufficient selection during holiday periods

    In the run-up to holiday periods such as Sinterklaas and Christmas, though also for a holiday such as Father’s Day, it is important for you to carry a wide selection of tools. Consumers are often in the market for tools in the pre-holiday period and are looking for discounted tools in particular. Ensure sufficient selection so that you don’t have to sell a ‘no’ to your buyer.

    It is, of course, essential that you invest well-timed attention to your marketing activities, such as mailings, so that potential clients are aware of your product range.  


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